Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh Hey its Friday....

Oh Hey its Friday... Today I started my day off with guitar lessons. I love going to see bands perform and listen to live music. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar and now I'm finally getting a chance :) As you can see I started off serious and ended on a silly note lol

Also, I picked up the new French Vogue, which is one of my fav magazines, along with Numero, Vogue Italia, and Nylon. Heres a collage I did of pics I really liked from French Vogue.

Btw... Collaging is a hobby I like to do so you will be seeing a lot of collages on my blog

And last but not least a fashion editorial I did came out, heres the links to check it out, its titled "Delicate as Lace" Photographer Kenneth Sweeney and

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Every day is an adventure :)

My recent shoot with Carlos Nunez! Every day is an adventure :) Oh Snaps Carlos: Want Simplicity?

My First Post: Day 1 Blogging

Today is my first day of blogging lol :) On my blog you will find things that inspire me and personal experiences of my life. I'm a huge music lover and right now I'm really into this song and video by Lana Del Rey "National Anthem"  The style and vibe of the video is awesome, Check it out!

Also, I've been really into the band Tame Impala, Their whole album InnerSpeaker is rad!

To sum up my first post, As I just finished typing everything I guess it turned out to be all about music today, wasn't expecting that haha

Enjoy the tunes and have a music filled day :)